Merry Christmas 2012

Flapping Crane is an intergalactic band of space bandits. We also make skits which, when the viewer is under the influence of the proper narcotics, are funny.
Merry Christmas 2012
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Eric Page passed away July 15, 2010. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Eric was extremely talented and funny. One of the primary motivations for doing Flapping Crane at all was that Pete, who was a huge fan of his standup, wanted to do sketch comedy with him. Eric was loved and respected by the Minneapolis comedy community.

We'll miss him. The best and funniest skits on this site are the ones that he was involved in.

In the days before his funeral, we were asked to put a short video together. It is comprised of clips from a subset of the skits we shot with him. It is set to music. We plan to put together a video with the audio intact as well a little later. Anyway, it can be viewed here.

We've assembled a list of links to each skit that Eric was a part of:

10 Years of Flapping Crane?!

2014-11-22 12:59:59

Holy crap! It's been 10 years!

Flapping Crane on Twin Cities Tank Podcast

2010-07-01 10:22:38

Bryann (Not a Girl), Alex and Pete visit the Twin Cities Tank Podcast this week, with predictable results.

New Site!

2010-02-11 16:31:27

After over four years with the same design, we've finally launched the new site. The videos are much larger and are encoded in a modern format (h264). Safari and Chrome users will get a snazzy non-flash html5 version.

Five Years of Flapping Crane

2009-11-22 14:33:26

Holy crap! It's been five years!

New Host

2008-06-09 21:04:50

We've changed hosts. It appears everything is running normal.

Flapping Crane is an intergalactic band of space bandits. We also make skits which, when the viewer is under the influence of the proper narcotics, are funny.

You can contact us at ninja@flappingcrane.com. Or you can contact us with the power of your mind alone.

Shawn Turek

Shawn Turek

Shawn was born on what most current calculations show to be the magnetic North Pole. He was raised by native Eskimo people till the age of 3, when he was adopted (temporarily) by a missionary family that lived in Paris, France, Sidney, Australia, and various small towns and villages throughout Central and South America. At the age of 16, Shawn joined a small band of mutant humans with secret powers that they used to fight crime. He went on to nurture an interest in music earning three Grammy's for best musical score, and followed that up by becoming a two-time World Table Tennis Champion. Later that same year, he cracked his head on an icy sidewalk, and now just makes dumb videos.

Alex Kretchmer

Alex Kretchmer

Alex is from 183 states. He can't decide where to live, so for now it's in Minnesota, cause hey, WTF. Most recently, he wrote for the famed crappycelebrity.com and also contributes infrequently to kittenpants.com. He was also Wesley Snipes' stunt double in “Passenger 57”.

Alex will appear in skits along with Bryann, Pete, and occasionally Joe, once he gets that growth on his face taken care of. His main focus is on writing, and really his only goal is to confuse you, because that makes him laugh.

Pete Voss

Pete Voss

Pete enjoys talking dirty to other people's pets. When he's not working with flapping crane, he enjoys a warm soak and a good book. This week's book is called The Magic of Color which is written in braille because Pete likes a good challenge.

Eric Page

Eric Page

Our friend Eric passed away on July 15, 2010. He was far and away the most talented member of Flapping Crane. He took our unfunny ideas and made them hilarious while putting up with our amateurish behavior. Aside from being a gifted performer, he was kind, generous and a good friend. We miss him tremendously. Below is the entry that Eric wrote himself.

Eric doesn't know how he got here or who these people are but all he really needs to know is one word: "Action!" You may remember him from the Mankato East High School Band '85 - '89. Yeah that's right. That was him. Second chair trombone until his Senior year when he was demoted to next to last chair. If that doesn't jar your memory how 'bout The First Presbyterian Church of Mankato's Youth Handbell Choir. Oh yeah...Sorry ladies...this one's already taken. Eric lives with his two kickass cats Mable and Walton (Bo Bo.) You may catch him continuing to make a complete joke of his life at many local watering holes and comedy clubs. He's opened for Frank Caliendo, Nick Swardson, Zach Galifinakis, Dave Mordal and Dave Atell just to name a few.

Bryann (Not a Girl) Schlough

Bryann (Not a Girl) Schlough

Bryann (Not a Girl) is not a girl. So stop it. He has a red drum set. He works in the same building as Pete.

Bryann (Not a Girl) is doing this so old people will die faster.

Joe Lillibridge

Joe Lillibridge

Long ago, Joe lived in the Southwest. Then he moved to Minnesota. He edits the skits and runs the website.

Joe is basically from Las Cruces, NM. He still thinks the weather there is way better than the weather in Minnesota.

What happened to the old site?

It had to be put down. It was old, and old things don't deserve to live.

Are gerbils?

Manifest burrito!

The videos won't play! Why are you doing this to me?!

First of all, please don't combine "?" and "!" — use an interrobang. Not that we approve of interrobangs here at Flapping Crane, but it's certainly preferable to the abomination that is "?!!"

As for the videos… eh‽ What videos? This is a home gardening blog!

Wow. No, seriously, why can't I view the videos?

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I use Internet Explorer 6 and something doesn't look right.

Fuck you.

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